The Mission of Spiritual Life Bible College is to prepare students, through affordable higher education, to become leaders, pastors, teachers, and ministers of extraordinary passion for Christ, who influence the world. The College offers Three Degrees/Diplomas – Bible Certificate (48 Credits), Associate of Arts in Biblical Theological Studies (96 Credits), or a Bachelors of Arts in Biblical Theological Studies (193 Credits). For 36 years the Bible college and its sister colleges here and overseas have been raising up pastors, teachers, and leaders who minister around the world.


The Master of Bible Theology Program develops the character, gifts, and the call of those who are serious about advancing the Gospel in this modern era. Whether you are preparing for ordained ministry, the Pastorate, A Bible Teaching Career or other theological pursuits and roles, Spiritual Life Seminary has developed a program that meets your needs. 70 graduate level credits are required to achieve the Masters of Bible Theology. 

For more information on either Spiritual Life Bible College or Spiritual Life Seminary, please contact Pastor Nancy Sky, Academic Dean at 763-560-7221.